• Upgraded software and wireless systems.

Tested and ensured that updates and programs were running correctly. Recommended hardware, device

software updates and replacements as needed.

  • ​Updated browser security

For all customers to ensure their information is secure and explained in detail the need for the security measures in keeping their personal information protected.

  • Corrupted  drives & phones.

Completely reformatted corrupted drives/laptops/mobile devices while retaining as much as possible of the customer’s vital information and syncing all information back onto the
reformatted devices.

  • Troubleshooting the issues.

Specially formatted external drives as operating systems (OS) for both Mac and PC customers. Frequently answered and talked customer through resolving their technical problems over the phone when they had emergency questions. Created step-by-step, one-page brochures on how to solve simple, or specific, repetitive technical problems.



Trained audio and technical engineer with proficiency in formatting, troubleshooting, file storage and security measures,Type your paragraph here.

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